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Beginning with the 1997's and all the way up to the new 2023's the Ford Super Duty is the most Stolen Pick Up Truck in the USA. So don't be surprised that we have a dedicated web page just for the Ford Super Duties Trucks. This is only because in the Houston area Ford's F-250 - F350 - F450 Super Duty Trucks are without a doubt the most popular vehicle that we install our Ravelco Anti Theft Device on. Sadly, the customer usually finds out about the Ravelco and its reputation after their vehicle has already been stolen.

Just in the Houston area alone, our Ravelco installers will install as many as 80 Ravelco Anti Theft Devices per day and that is just on the Ford Super Duty Pick Ups!

of a new mystery device used to steal vehicles!

2022 - California Highway Patrol Video



Pictured Below - The RAVELCO Anti Theft Device mounted in a 2019 F-250. The 2017 through 2023 Ford F-250, F-350 and F-450 Super Duty installations are the exact same.

Pictured Below - The RAVELCO Anti Theft Device mounted in a 2016 F-250. From the year beginning 2008 thru 2016 all the Ford F-250, F-350 and F-450 Super Duty installations are the exact same.


Pictured Below - The RAVELCO Anti Theft Device mounted in a 1999 F-250. From the year beginning 1999 thru 2007 all the Ford F-250, F-350 and F-450 Super Duty installations are the exact same.




Hello Ravelco, I love ya'll. You saved my brand new 2023 GMC Denali 2500 HD Pick Up. In December of 2022, I purchased a new 2022 GMC Pick Up, and listened to my salesman saying that I did not need any extra protection for my new truck. He said the truck now has its own security system built in. I told him that I had the Ravelco in my trade in, (which was a 2018 GMC 2500 Diesel) and he said that Ravelco is old technology, he went on to say that "RAVELCO HAS BEEN OUT FOR 50 YEARS" so like a dumb ass, I listened to him and elected not to have a Ravelco installed in my truck. Low and behold, the day before Christmas 2022, my truck was stolen in 10 seconds from my front driveway. They opened the hood and switched out an item and it was gone. We saw the whole thing on my neighbor's Ring Door Bell Camera across the street. This time I was so afraid that I had ya'll come to my GMC Dealer and install your Ravelco. This past Valentine's Day, at a restaurant in Houston, the thieves tried to steal my new one. They got in without damaging a thing. The policeman told me they used a scanner, opened the doors and turned on the ignition, but THANK GOD the engine would not start because of your RAVELCO. When I called and told my salesman what happened, he back peddled and said "Yes, THE RAVELCO is the best". He must think I am an idiot, I remember exactly what he told me before. ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU FOR YOUR GREAT PRODUCT! - Paul H. - Pearland, Texas 2-21-2023.

Good Morning Ravelco, an attempted truck theft was foiled last night because of your fabulous Ravelco Security (anti Theft) Device. Due to the rising flood waters in the Barker Cypress (Houston) area, I was forced to bring my truck more inland to San Antonio where my daughter and her husband live. Knowing my truck was much more safe there than here in Houston, I parked it on the street in right front of her home. Yesterday morning, August 30th, I went to get a change of clothes in my truck and the driver's door was open, the dash and ignition lights were on but the truck's engine was not running. I could see where some bum rifled through all my belongs but as far as we know they took absolutely nothing. I pushed the start button to shut the ignition off, inserted my RAVELCO plug and once again pushed the start button and my 2017 Ford F450 Dually started! Thanks to Ravelco for saving my truck and most of all, my new Welding Rig. Trying to  insult me once again, my wife said no one wanted my old clothes anyway so they left them! Once again thank you for your great anti theft device! - Les T. - Katy, Texas 8-31-2017.

Greetings Ravelco Team: I just wanted to say thank you for your superior product. Last month I had your Ravelco device installed in my 2017 F-250 Super Duty Pick Up. At first I was very upset at the car dealership because I thought I was getting a BIG DADDY SUPER DUTY like I had for so many years in the past. Instead (well at least in my opinion) I got a lifted F-150 that has a diesel engine in it that Ford now calls a SUPER DUTY. Like I said I was not happy with the new body change but I figured what the heck I better keep it because my old truck 2011 F-250 was getting old. Last week I was running cattle and I noticed a truck park next to mine on the road where I parked the cattle trailer. I really didn't think much of it because who would try to steal something from a truck while I right there nearby on a horse. At lunchtime as I was riding back over towards my truck and I noticed the driver's door wide open. I knew I did not leave my truck like that. When I went to look inside the truck I saw my push button that starts my truck pulled out and hanging out of the dash. All the dash lights were lit just like it does when you use the key fob to start it. I called the police and they came out right away (2 hours) and took a report. The cop told me that your Ravelco stopped it. He asked me for my Ravelco plug and inserted it in the Ravelco unit. He pushed the start button and the truck started. The officer said that the thieves must have used a laptop scanner to open the door and to turn on my ignition since that new truck does not use a key any longer. He also asked why I did not have any Ravelco window stickers. I told him they were removed when I had the windows tinted. I then asked him if he was a part time Ravelco salesman and he laughed and said he has them in all his vehicles. I now love my new truck and I am glad your Ravelco protected it. - 11-02-2016 - Derek H. - League City, Texas

Season’s Greetings Ravelco, I don’t know if you will use this testimonial the way I wrote it, but I want to THANK YOU all for making our upcoming Christmas a great one. Last Saturday my family and I went to Memorial City Mall for some Christmas shopping with our entire family. The place was so packed we had to park out near the I-10 feeder. We were all in good spirits because of the holidays but mainly because we just took delivery of my husband’s new 2014 Ford F-350 Super Duty Pick Up. He ordered this truck back in August. After 3 hours of shopping when we came back to our truck and much to our surprise the driver’s door was wide open and the steering column was destroyed. All the idiot lights on the dash were on and the place where you insert your key was completely gone. The police officer who took our report told us that if it wasn’t for your RAVELCO our truck would be on its way to some ranch in Mexico. It is a shame that there are “scum bags” out there that try to rip off honest people who work for a living. Our young daughters cried when they saw what these bums did to our new truck. What bothers me the most is the thieves got in our truck without even breaking the glass or the door locks! The body shop manager said they must have used a scanner to open our doors. Once again thank you for saving our truck. - December 3, 2013 - Connie M. - Hedwig Village, Texas.

"Hello Ravelco Guys – Last month you outfitted my new 2013 F-350 pickup truck with your Ravelco security system. This past Friday, I was at Hooters for lunch and actually witnessed a man open my truck door which I know I locked and proceed to steal my truck. Believe it or not, but this all happened in less that 15 seconds. I could not believe my eyes because this was a bright sunny afternoon. He ripped off a plastic shroud to expose a (switch?) to try to start my truck but Thank God the Ravelco saved it. When he turned on the ignition and nothing happened, he quickly exited the truck and ran into a back neighborhood. The thief left me a screw driver and a pair of pliers for my troubles. Just wanted to say thanks again for a great system." - April 8, 2013 - Heath G. - Houston, Texas.

"Dear Ravelco, last November my employer had your company install your anti theft systems on our new Peterbilt trucks. In the past the Ravelco has saved our company trucks more than once. My boss truly believes in them and has been using them since the early 80's. (before I was even born). I work in accounts payable and while talking with your installer, I asked him what was the one vehicle that he installed the most theft devices on? Real quick and without hesitation he said “In Houston, the Ford F-250 and F-350’s.” I asked what year? He said “all years - from the 99's to the brand new 2013's. "That scared the hell out of me, because I have a 2001 F-350 7.3 Diesel. If I would have known what I had just learned, I would have brought it to work that day and had them install your Ravelco device on it. Like everything else in my life I put it on the back burner but thank God I did keep it in my mind. In December during the holidays, I was at a truck specialty shop having a grill guard replaced and I saw your Ravelco display there. While there, I had them install your Ravelco system. It’s a great thing that I did because this past Saturday night at the Houston Rodeo Cook Off at Reliant Park, some piece of crap tried to steal my truck along with the horse trailer attached. They destroyed my truck's door handle and the steering column. They also stole my radar detector and a broken cell phone, but they did not get my truck  - Thanks to the Ravelco. Thank you so much for a great system." - February 25, 2013 - Paula E. - Arcola, Texas  

"RAVELCO SAVED OUR TRUCK AND WE THANK YOU RAVELCO – On May 14, I took delivery of a 2011 F-250 Super Duty Truck. Before delivery, I called your office to ask if someone could remove the Ravelco lock from my old truck (2005 F-250) and install it in my new one. To be honest I was quite upset at ya’ll because you said it would be more expensive to do because you would have to remove the old Ravelco and trace the circuits in my old truck to connect them back together like the factory had them and then fully install the old Ravelco in my new truck. I understand now, but it still made me upset that it would cost more than a new one. I took your advice and left the Ravelco in my old truck when we traded it in. After pouting a few days I finally called your company (glad I did) in Houston and scheduled an install. Your installer came to Greenway Plaza (my work) and installed it. The very next day at a shopping center in Pearland, as I walked out of the store I noticed broken glass on the ground and realized it was mine. The ignition was in the on position, the hood was open and it was attempted to be hot-wired. I guess the thieves did something to bypass the Ford factory “chip in the key security” because when I inserted the Ravelco plug, the truck started just by turning the ignition without the key. Thank you so much for your wonderful device. I am sorry I was upset at you at first, but in today’s economy and with the price of these new trucks (we paid more for it than our first home) every penny counts!" - Debra M - Alvin, Texas

"What is this world coming to? Since March of 1998, I had a 1999 Ford Super Duty F-250 pick-up with your Ravelco device fitted on it. For 11 years I did not have even one attempted break in. This truck had over 550,000 miles on it and it was still running excellent. After speaking with a fast talking salesman a month ago while having my oil changed at a local Houston Ford  Dealer, I let him succeed in trading my truck for a new 2010 F-250. Yes, it was nice and the price was not too bad and of course like my old truck, I had the dealer install your Ravelco system when I took delivery. Well, it's a good thing because last Friday night while attending a high school football game, I came out to find that my brand new truck had a theft attempt. They damaged my drivers side door handle and completely destroyed my steering column, but thanks to the Ravelco they did not succeed. While trying to get my truck started these idiots spilled a drink and ruined my carpet. I am very picky, I had my other truck for 11 years and it did not have one scratch on it. Here it is, I trade it for a new one and in less than a month it is damaged. I know it can all be fixed but I feel violated! As I said previously in my letter to you, what is this world coming to? Again, thanks for the RAVELCO!" - Paul Chance, Pearland, TX

"Ravelco, thank you so much for your product. Some bum tried to steal my 2008 F350 Super Duty Pick Up on Sunday night while we were at a Super Bowl Party that my friends were hosting. When we started to leave and walk out towards the street I knew something was wrong instantly because the driver's door was wide open, I am surprised that a car driving by didn't knock the door off. I say tried because they jimmied the door and broke the lock, they then proceeded to cut open the steering column and tried to start it. No DICE! The Ravelco saved my truck! These bums must have had nerves of steel because we parked right in front of the walk leading to the house. There were many other cars also parked on the street near my truck in this supposedly exclusive Houston neighborhood. Luckily, the Ford body shop said all they have to do is to replace the plastic door handle and the plastic around my steering column. They said that they keep the parts on hand because of so many Super Duty thefts in the Houston area. Once again thank you for your wonderful product." - Davis M, Houston, TX

"Last August, I purchased my dream truck a 2007 King Ranch Edition Super Duty F-350 Diesel Pick Up. One Friday night in September, I went to Minute Maid Park to watch a baseball game with some friends. I parked in a lot that faces the main street on the south side of the stadium. To my surprise - when I came out - my truck was gone! I thought my buddies played a trick on me and somehow had a key made and moved my truck. I guess I did not want to face reality and realize that my truck was actually stolen. That is not supposed to happen to me. That was the stuff you only see on TV!  Like an idiot I drove around in the seedy parts of town looking for my truck for about 3 weeks. Around Thanksgiving time my insurance company paid me for my truck. I was told by a salesman that in February of 07 the new 2008 Super Duty Trucks were going to be out soon so I decided to wait for one. I went and special ordered almost the exact same truck. It was delivered at the end of February and was one of the first 2008's to arrive in the Houston area. I loved it! This one was a 2008 White King Ranch Edition Super Duty F-350 Diesel Pick Up. My insurance man read a story about your Ravelco device in a car magazine and had one installed in his new truck that he just bought. His last truck was also stolen. He recommended that I too get one. I called and had you install one on my new truck. I must say you did an excellent job installing it. It looked as though it came from the factory. Would you believe that this past Saturday night while at a Rockets game at Toyota Center someone tried to steal it? But this time THEY FAILED! They broke the door lock panel and the steering column but they could not get my truck because of the Ravelco! I was so happy that it saved my truck! When I came out of Toyota Center, I thought that maybe I left the inside dome light on when I left because it was lit, but the thieves left my door wide open. I will be your biggest salesman ever! My whole family is scared to death about having their vehicles stolen and will be calling you shortly." - William K, Friendswood, Texas  

"Thanks for installing the RAVELCO anti-theft device on my 2005 F250 Super Duty about 4 months ago after it was stolen the first time and recovered in Edinburg, Texas in great shape except for the passenger door lock and the steering column being busted. I researched the web for a system to deter from this EVER happening again and came across the RAVELCO system and it worked just like Vinny said it would. On October 8th 2007, 4 pm, we were shopping at the Fountain Shopping Center in Stafford, TX for less than an hour and returned to my truck, noticed that my girlfriend opened the door and my left side blinker was on and I had not even touched the door opener and opening the door found the dash cover on the floor board and the steering column busted with the ignition on but the SORRY individual could NOT start the truck THANKS to your RAVELCO anti-theft device you installed on my truck. Again, they busted the passenger door lock. They didn't even steal a thing this time from inside of the truck, HAD NO TIME TO DO IT!!!!   I would SUGGEST THIS SYSTEM TO ANYONE over any GPS tracking devices or any high end alarms. FYI, I know they had at least a screw driver in their hands and possibly a gun or knife, SO DON'T confront the THIEF. Call police, it's not worth it! YOU CAN REPLACE THE BUSTED PARTS BUT NOT YOUR LIFE." - O. Elizondo, Sugar Land, TX

"As soon as my stolen 2007 Ford F-350 was recovered, I had a Ravelco installed. The day after Christmas this year, I went to Baybrook Mall in Clear Lake. I came out and opened the door. As I reached in to install the plug, I noticed parts from my ignition lying on the floorboard. I looked, and sure enough thieves had tried to steal my truck, again. If I hadnít had the Ravelco, Iím sure the truck would be gone. With the Ravelco, Iíll only be out a couple of hundred dollars instead of several thousand (I had just put on a lift kit and oversized tires & rims)!" - Barry Williams, Houston, TX

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