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In 2017 Big Rig Tractor Trailer theft was at an all time high surpassing 2016 as reported to the National Crime Information Center. Organized crime rings are said to be the driving force behind big rig equipment theft.  

The problem with Big Rig Trucks.

National statistics show that this is a huge problem and it is getting worse. Reports to Insurance Services Office, Inc., show an increase of up to 20% in the value of big rig trucks every year since 1999 and they show theft as the most common cause of loss for the big rig trucks – over 50% of all causes of loss. The most worrying statistic for owners, operators and insurers is that as little as 10 – 15% of stolen big rig ever recovered.

Since 1976 we have been in business manufacturing and selling the Ravelco Anti Theft Device to some of the nation’s largest trucking companies.

Not one big rig has ever been stolen that was fitted with a Ravelco !

The Ravelco is simple to use. When your driver leaves their truck, all they have to do is remove the Ravelco plug from the Ravelco unit (that is flush mounted in the dash) and that truck becomes an impossible obstacle for even the most persistent thief . . . It cannot be Hot-Wired!    

2016 Peterbilt

2017 Freightliner Cascadia

Please do not think for one minute, if you have a tracking system in your trucks you are protected. Many trucking companies think that just because they have a GPS tracking system in their trucks, in the event of a theft they will easily recover their truck in a matter of minutes.  WRONG!

The real story is trucking companies cannot understand why their GPS tracking system that they paid big bucks for cannot do its job and locate their big rig . . . and that is when they call Ravelco. Tracking systems are virtually obsolete. Nowadays, all a big rig thief has to do is plug a GPS Scrambler aka-signal destroyer (shown below) in the trucks power outlet (cigarette lighter) and absolutely no tracking will occur. Not even a cell phone will work within 50 feet of the scrambler.

These two types of signal destroyers are sold on the internet for less than $100.  



When Ravelco first started in business in 1976, they thought cars and light trucks were going to be the majority of their business and they very rarely sold to Big Rig and trucking companies. Today, protecting and securing Big Rig Trucks are without a doubt their primary business. They sell to many national trucking companies throughout the United States. The Ravelco trucking business really took off in 1999 when an extremely large trucking company placed an initial order for 950 Ravelco units for all their trucks. Having 950 trucks traveling the USA did not take very long for the word to get out and other trucking companies wanted to get on board and protect their trucks as well. Till this very day, that same company still purchases over 100 Ravelco units per month as they switch out their trucks.

2016 Freightliner M2

Here are some very interesting stories from our Big Rig customers . . .

Hello Ravelco, Ya’ll rock! This past December 17, 2015, I met your installing crew at the Bass Pro Shop in Katy, Texas. My wife and I are truckers and were traveling from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Orange County, California. On our first stop in Georgia we were at a lunch counter and we noticed a fellow trucker sitting right beside us with something interesting attached to his keys. My wife could not help herself and asked him what it was. He told us that it was a “Ravelco”. We asked what is a Ravelco? He said it was an anti theft device to protect his big rig. He went on to say that it was the best thing since slice bread and all the trucks that the company he works for has them installed. He was very nice (maybe because it was the holiday season). We are a small company and we only have one truck a 2015 Mack Titan, but we want to keep it so we asked him if he had any information on your device and he said no. He finished eating and left, he immediately came back in with your phone number that he retrieved off of the Ravelco warning label on his truck. When we left Savannah, we called your number and asked about your Ravelco, I guess you were very busy and quickly guided me to your website. I reviewed almost everything on your website, called you back a few hours later and told whoever answered the phone that we were interested in getting one installed. I was told that you did not have any dealers close to where we were at the time but on the way through Houston I-10 we could meet one of your crews. The very next day we had the Ravelco installed. Your guys did a neat-clean job and we were happily on our way. At 5AM on the morning of the 20th we woke up, looked out our motel window and saw our passenger side door wide open. I ran out and saw that our ignition was destroyed and most all the lights on the dash were on. Your Ravelco saved our truck! I used a screwdriver to turn the broken ignition switch to start my truck. Other than replacing the ignition back in South Carolina nothing else was damaged or stolen. We were told by an Anaheim Policeman that we are very lucky. We showed him the Ravelco and said he had seen them before when he worked as a policeman in Phoenix, Arizona. Thank you again Ravelco for the best Christmas present ever! We will never forget you and we tell everyone about your great system. - January 30, 2016 - Josh B. - Conway, South Carolina  

On Friday, February 6, 2015, our company President and CFO were in meetings with a potential new customer (a fairly sizeable supermarket chain). While they were on site showing off one of our newer refrigerator trucks to the director of produce, thieves stole two of our brand new 2012 Freightliner trucks with the trailers connected that we parked in what we thought was a secure area. On the drive back to our office I Googled "ANTI THEFT DEVICE" on my iPhone and thank God Ravelco popped up. We called your Houston office and spoke with a salesman. The following Monday we had 11 of our rigs fitted with the Ravelco Device. I know you are thinking we are locking the barn after the cow left but we are very happy and feel secure now that we have RAVELCO! The reason for this letter is, while your installers were here I had a Ravelco installed on my personal 2015 Escalade and yesterday your Ravelco saved it. I was parked right outside my office window and when I came out to go to lunch, I noticed my door ajar and the steering column destroyed. Oh well . . . but at least I still have my SUV! By the way, the police officer that came to take the report said he has a Ravelco on his own car. Thanks again RAVELCO for a wonderful product! - Joe Caprara, The Woodlands, TX   

"In October of 2014, we had two of our FREIGHTLINER rigs stolen, the thieves drove them right through our wrought iron fence! That wasn't bad enough but one of our lowboy trailers was ferrying a $645,000 BACK HOE, and the other had a $165,000 DOZER on it. The trucks were found a month later in Mexico, sadly the backhoe and dozer are still missing. After we installed your Ravelco Anti Theft Device in all 23 of our trucks . . . not one piece of equipment has been stolen! The police said there is an active theft ring in Mexico doing this to heavy equipment in Arizona and New Mexico. Unfortunately, we still have had two theft attempts but they could not steal our trucks. This letter is to just say thanks. We have had anti theft devices installed on our trucks before that just interrupted the key or the starter but they were easily bypassed. Even our own employees could do it. But, since your Ravelco system disables the engine's computer system it has proven itself effective to us." - Paul T., Flagstaff, Arizona     

"We are in the container pickup and delivery business and we have found out that it is much easier for the thieves to steal the whole rig (truck, container and its valuable contents) than to just steal the container itself. After driving into sunny Mexico numerous times to retrieve our empty damaged containers we searched near and far and found out that the law enforcement officials ON BOTH SIDES of the border recommend your Ravelco device. I wish we would have known that sooner. As you know we have fitted our entire fleet of trucks with the Ravelco Lock." - Skippy LaFazia, Phoenix, AZ 

"Approximately 4 months ago, we contacted your company and purchased only 4 of your Ravelco Anti Theft Systems for our KENWORTH trucks. When they arrived the owner looked at them and said for us to install and test them on the older trucks only, because to be honest with you they didn’t look like much in the box. Boy, were we surprised!, after following your installation instructions our own shop mechanic couldn’t start the KENWORTH truck. When our owner saw this, we immediately ordered 54 more Ravelcos. I know this letter is short and sweet but I just wanted to say thanks for keeping our trucks safe and to give us the comfort of knowing our trucks will be there exactly where we parked them."- Tommy C., Kansas City, Missouri

"We had our entire fleet fitted with your Ravelco system. We tried 6 different types of systems before yours. We even tried one that kept the truck running but it would shut down if someone other than the owner tried to drive it. Sounds good on paper but what a piece of crap. We had nothing but problems. The Ravelco is so simple to use and our drivers can finally have a good nights sleep, knowing that in the morning their rigs will still there." - Butch H., Provo, Utah 

"I am the route supervisor for a vending company in New York City, our trucks were getting stolen at a rate of 2 per quarter. When our drivers are in buildings, restocking machines and so forth, their trucks are vulnerable to any thief. Not only does the thief steal the truck but all our inventory, cigarettes, safe and our radios that we communicate with. This has been going on since the late 70's. Why did it take so long for our company to find you guys? Thank you, like your sales pitch goes . . .  . . not one vehicle has been stolen!" - Bill S., Yonkers, NY  

"This past November, the day before Thanksgiving we had 3 of our new Freightliner Tractors stolen from our storage lot. Two of them are most likely gone forever and one was recovered trying to crossover into Mexico. It took 4 weeks to get our truck back. In late December, we installed your RAVELCO THEFT LOCK SYSTEM on all of our remaining trucks. On February 23, 2012, once again the fence was cut and thieves tried to steal our trucks again. I say tried because they couldn't start them. Thanks Ravelco for saving our trucks. Incidentally, one of the trucks your Ravelco saved was named after my six week old daughter Amanda." - Dave S., El Paso, Texas    

"My wife and I drive our 2011 Peterbilt Rig coast to coast weekly. We had our own type of security system installed. It consisted of a fuel cut off that we had to get under the truck to turn it on or off every time we left it unattended. I knew that it was a primitive type of security system but we thought it worked. Someone must have watched us shut it off because when our rig was recovered, the fuel switch was in the on position. I searched the Internet, web site after web site looking for a system that would stop our truck from being stolen again. To be honest yours seemed a little too good to be true. After checking your company out with a few of your car dealers and even the Houston Police Department we decided on the Ravelco system. Last week in Bisbee, Arizona, again someone attempted to steal our truck and trailer but the Ravelco stopped it. Is your company looking for a good salesman to sell to the trucking business? I have many connections, and I am not kidding!" - James M., New Iberia, Louisiana   

"This past Halloween 2011, 3 thieves cut our back fence and tried to steal 3 of our Ravelco equipped Freightliners. To make a long story short. DID NOT HAPPEN! Thanks again Ravelco, that is why we had your device installed in our trucks in the first place." - Arthur M., Columbus, Ohio 


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2012 Peterbilt

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