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The RAVELCO (pronounced Ruh-vel-co) Anti Theft Device is the only immobilizing anti theft device recognized by police departments throughout the world to prevent auto theft. Ravelco is the leader in manufacturing anti theft devices for vehicles. In business since 1976, Ravelco has sold more than 5 million units without ever having a vehicle stolen by defeating a properly installed and utilized Ravelco.

Over the years, the Ravelco team has seen and run across just about everything that had to do with vehicle security. When RAVELCO started, there was no such thing as an anti theft device. All that was available back then was a cheap alarm system that you activated by inserting a key in the fender of the vehicle. When a would be car thief opened the door the siren would blast until the vehicles battery died. Not only a nuisance but very inconvenient and ineffective.

Needless to say much has changed since then. In the last decade we have seen more than 200 alarm and anti theft device companies come and go out of business. Why? Because everyone jumped on the band wagon selling and manufacturing what they thought was a better mouse trap. Most, if not all, were not time tested in the field properly and when problems arose (such as vehicles not starting, shutting off while driving, false alarms etc.) customers and car dealers got a bad taste in their mouths thinking that all aftermarket products were junk. These companies were not sound enough to ride out the problems, so they folded.

We at RAVELCO understand what the customer wants and what they are willing to pay for it. Customers are not stupid! They know that no one pays attention to alarm systems anymore. So when a car dealer tries to sell them an alarm for more than $900, they will tell the dealer that they are not interested in any accessories (alarms or anti theft devices). Then the very next day, they will call us asking the name of the closest dealer to them where they can get a RAVELCO installed. When asked where they purchased their vehicle, they always give us the name of a car dealer who does not carry the RAVELCO. They go on to tell us that the sales person said that "the RAVELCO is just a kill switch" and they should put on a full-blown alarm system because the RAVELCO will not protect what is inside the vehicle. Well, neither will an alarm! Nothing in the world can stop a smash and grab thief! If a thief wants to get into a vehicle, all he has to do is break the side window and grab what he wants. Many car dealers threaten you by saying that if you install anything but the factory GM, Ford, Chrysler, etc., Alarm System it will cause the manufacturer to void your warranty. This is not true! This is against the law. To protect you against such action there is a federal law called the "Magnuson - Moss Act". We only hear these type of problems from the smaller car dealers where every two to three months they change sales people.

Among our many customers, are the ten largest Big Rig Trucking companies in the country. Especially now with the new way that the car thieves are stealing vehicles. WATCH VIDEO Now more than ever everyone wants the RAVELCO because it is the only device that will stop this. Anyone in the theft recovery business knows that the RAVELCO is the only way to go to protect your vehicle from ever being stolen. Needless to say, these people know their business and know what is going on.

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