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"I’ve had Ravelco on my F-250 for about 5 years now and it finally happened. This past Saturday at the Galveston bait and tackle boat ramp my truck was broken into and ran sacked. They ripped out my ignition and tried to steal my truck. They were unsuccessful.. Thanks for the great product, it saved my truck and boat trailer from being stolen. Attached is a picture of the damage." - Thanks, Carsey M, Houston, Texas.


Five weeks ago I bought a new Ford F-150 Raptor, knowing it is a limited edition vehicle and that I am forced to park it on the street in inner city Los Angeles, security was one of my top priorities. By the end of the first week I had a both Ravelco and a Viper alarm installed. Well last weekend it happened, someone broke in my Raptor and tried to steal it. The would be thief was definitely a pro. He cut the battery cable disabling my alarm (that was easy), then he tried to start the truck and no luck. He must have thought the trick was in the auxiliary switches because all of them were in the on position (I always leave them off) and the cover to the switches was popped off. I’m sure he was then frustrated and just looked through my glove box (that he left open) and center console (which he also left up) and left with out my Raptor. How do I know he was a pro you ask, well he didn’t cause any damage getting into the truck, and knew how to disable my alarm. He also did not trash the truck (no slashed tires, no slashed seats) and he didn’t take the other stuff of value like the child seat, tie-downs, sun glasses, etc. So to make a long story short, thank you Ravelco for producing a high quality product and saving my truck. 

P.S. When I bought the truck I remember thinking “Do I really need a Ravelco… it’s kind of expensive” well the answer is a resounding “Yes.” It is worth every penny. Thanks again. - Tony B. Los Angeles, CA.


"Today I was woken up by my neighbor at 6:33 AM. I opened the door and she yelled "They tried to steal your truck and it's in the middle of the street". Armed with my digital camera and cell phone, I went out to assess the damage and call the cops. They came out pretty fast (comparatively speaking) in about an hour to take the report and then later, crime scene showed up and tried to get some prints. Well, they sure did give it a gallant effort, tearing up the interior pretty badly, but they only got away with a pack of smokes, a couple compact discs and my cell phone charger. I'm pretty mad, but at least I still got my truck."




"I knew when I bought my Acura Integra GSR that they are some of the most frequently stolen vehicles out there, which is exactly why I equipped the car with a Ravelco and a Lojack system. It took less then 2 months for my car to disappear out of my driveway. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. It took Lojack 3 days to locate my car and they found it a quarter mile away from my house! My car then was towed to the nearby Acura dealership to be put back together. Both the police crime scene investigator and the Ravelco installer came out to look at the car and it was determined that my car was never actually started! The thieves broke into my car and pushed it out of the driveway then based on the scuffmarks on the back bumper pushed it with another vehicle down the street where they tried to hotwire it with no success. Ravelco then installed a brand new system in my car free of charge as it is covered in my warranty. Thank you Ravelco for saving my car."

A. Madsen - Fort Lauderdale, Florida


"Early in 2007 we had the RAVELCO installed on four of our F350 pickup trucks after one was broken into and the winch stolen off of it. This year we've had two attempts to steal one of these trucks and both failed miserably due to the RAVELCO. The first attempt was actually caught by our security camera and you can see the thief get through the fence and then pop the door lock to easily get into the truck. But then for the next 45 minutes you can see the lights go on/off while they attempt to start the vehicle. Finally their cohorts drive by again and pick them up because they CAN'T GET THE TRUCK STARTED! This latest attempt happened just before the July 4th weekend (2009) and while I haven't seen the security camera footage I grabbed some pictures to send to you - I especially like the picture that shows the damaged steering column with the RAVELCO right there! What a GREAT product! It definitely works as advertised!"

Cary Snyder, Emergency Response Team Sprint Texas Market, Dallas, TX


"I have a 2007 Ford F-350 with a leveling kit, rock star wheels and 35x12.50 BFG mud terrain tires. My truck was almost stolen at my apartment in San Diego but luckily I caught the guy. After that I did some research on alarm systems and other antitheft devices when I came across your website. I immediately called and had your system installed. Just last week I woke up on Saturday morning opened my truck up and my key would not fit into the ignition, sure enough the lock and the ignition had been tampered with. The car thief was unable to start my truck, I guess he got discouraged and left. The only thing that was missing is my GPS system which is only worth $200, but they didn’t get my truck. I plugged the Ravelco system back in and the truck fired right up and I didn’t even have to use my key. For now the Ravelco system is my key. Thank you very much and I would and have been recommending the Ravelco system to everyone I know.         

Kevin K, San Diego, California


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