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The REMOTE START SYSTEM that comes standard with your vehicle is a very nice and convenient option to have, but only if you happen to live in an area which has "0" Zero auto theft. But, in any city that has its fair share of crime please understand that with your remote start you are making it EASIER for a thief to steal your vehicle. Thieves now use electronic scanners or notebooks to unlock your vehicle and disable any type alarm or security you may have. If you have the remote start option on your vehicle the thief can also now start and steal your vehicle.

QUESTION:  Will my REMOTE START still work with the RAVELCO installed?

ANSWER:  Yes, your REMOTE START will still work with a Ravelco Anti Theft Device installed in your vehicle, BUT, you will have to leave the plug in the RAVELCO unit, thus defeating any security you have whatsoever.

You need to make a choice. Do you want to keep your vehicle from being stolen or do you want to be able start your vehicle remotely from your home or work? Some people think it is really cool being able to start their vehicle while their vehicle is sitting there in the parking lot, but they won't think it's cool for long when they come out one day and their vehicle is gone because it was started remotely and stolen by a thief. 

In the past many of our customers have called us to ask if their vehicle's remote start will still work with the Ravelco installed. We tell them yes, but only if they keep the Ravelco plug installed in the base unit. (thus defeating the purpose). When we tell them that their remote start will not work if they remove the plug and we try to explain to them why, they fail to listen and say that they will think about it and call us back. Sadly, they do call us back . . . but only after their vehicle was stolen and the policeman who was taking the theft report told them that they should have had a Ravelco. After having their vehicle stolen the same customer now no longer cares about their REMOTE START. They just want to have their vehicle protected with the RAVELCO as soon as possible.

Once having a vehicle stolen you will feel so violated that starting your vehicle remotely is no longer an important option. THE CHOICE IS YOURS  . . .  BE SMART AND CHOOSE RAVELCO.

NOTE* - - All other functions of your remote will still operate normally. (except starting)

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