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Thank you for your interest in the Ravelco Anti Theft Device. The information you have viewed on this web site provides you with some of what you will need to evaluate our program and product. Naturally, we also welcome any of your questions or comments.

We are seeking additional distributors and dealers throughout the world. If you go to any Search Engine and type the words “best anti theft device” you will see that Ravelco Anti Theft Device will come up in the #1 spot on the first page.

RAVELCO has been in business since 1976, and in that time we have developed a reputation that is second to none. With more than four million installations and not one vehicle ever stolen by defeating a properly installed and utilized Ravelco is the reason we know the RAVELCO is the best anti theft device ever manufactured . . . Period!

We have been tried and tested by the best police departments and insurance companies in the world. That is why they recommend the Ravelco Anti Theft Device, because time after time they have seen first hand how the RAVELCO had deterred auto theft. The Ravelco has been sold to some of the nation's largest, and most successful auto dealers.


The Ravelco can be sold to anyone and everyone. The majority of our business is with trucking companies. Many well known fleets have the Ravelco fitted in all their trucks. Also, car dealers are interested in boosting profits any way they can, especially when competition including sales being siphoned off by the Internet has reached an all-time high. The days when car dealers can "hit a home run" on a vehicle sale are over . . . and this is why RAVELCO needs you. In your presentation to the car dealers, you can show them that by offering the RAVELCO to their customers through their Sales, Aftermarket, Finance/Insurance and Service Departments they can increase their profits tremendously while still maintaining a perfect CSI (Customer Service Index). With the RAVELCO, the car dealer will have no equipment failures, no tow-ins, no breakdowns . . . JUST SATISFIED CUSTOMERS.


With all the recent news media info on the Ravelco (TV commercial, news clips and magazine articles) a car dealer can become a customer in no time, all it takes is for you is to show them the magazine articles and the recent national news segment broadcast of the Ravelco and they will be sold! Also, you can show them the CBS News video on how easy it is to bypass an alarm system. Most car dealers already sell some sort of aftermarket alarm system so by showing them how easy it is to by-pass what they are now selling to their customers will be very interesting to them. 

We thought we could market the Ravelco Anti Theft Device throughout the world all by ourselves. We always thought someday we would open up new markets in other areas but we are just too busy manufacturing and taking care of our own greater Houston area car and truck dealers along with the truck specialty shops and of course our retail customers. Please understand that the Houston Metro area is larger than some entire states! That is why we have decided to share the wealth and bring on independent Ravelco dealers and distributors. This way we can distribute the RAVELCO all over the world much easier by selling the Ravelco Anti Theft Device to dealers and distributors who reside in their own territories.

RAVELCO IS LOOKING FOR DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS INTERESTED IN MAKING A LONG-TERM COMMITMENT. You will make money -- a great deal of it -- but RAVELCO is interested in forming a relationship only with a very special type of person. We do not accept everyone who applies for a distributorship because we consider our distributors to be business "partners". . . and our standards are high. We are only seeking people who adhere to the highest ethical and moral principals -- the utmost integrity. We want individuals who can promote and sell the Ravelco, not someone who waits by the computer for orders to come in. The latter will happen anyway.

Your entire investment with RAVELCO will be for inventory only. There are no added or hidden costs when you to become a RAVELCO dealer or distributor.

We currently have more than 320 distributors and dealers throughout the World but of course we are always looking for more.


are the just three of the hottest areas (most requested for Ravelcos) available at this time.

If you believe you fit this profile, and would like more information on becoming a RAVELCO distributor or dealer, call us at 281.341.6222 or click on link below, please be sure to send the 4 items listed in red below. 

Ravelco Dealer/Distributor Package Request

Be sure to send the following important information with your request:

1.) Your name.

2.) Your phone number.

3.) The area that you are LOCATED in.

4.) The area that you are INTERESTED in.

The Dealer/Distributor Program Package will provide you with all the information you will need to pursue a true ground floor opportunity in your area.


Jimmy Raviele III
National Sales Director

Note* - Please understand that a Ravelco Dealer/Distributor is an excellent business opportunity, and an investment on your part will be required. Please do not waste your time or ours requesting a Ravelco Dealer/Distributor Package if you think you can become a dealer or distributor without any investment on your part.

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