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The Remote Start System that actually comes standard with your vehicle is a very nice and convenient option to have if you live in an area where no one else is around. But in a big city, please understand that along with this remote start you are making it very easy for a thief to steal your vehicle. Thieves now use electronic scanners or notebooks to unlock your vehicle and shut off any type alarm or security you may have. If you have the remote start option the thief can now also start your vehicle.

To answer your question: If you have the Ravelco installed in your vehicle and the plug is removed your Remote Start System will not work regardless if your Remote Start came from the factory or is aftermarket. The only way that a vehicle with a Remote Start will work with Ravelco Anti Theft Device is by leaving the Ravelco plug in the Ravelco unit - thus defeating any security whatsoever.

If you have the factory remote start button on your keyless entry control that came from the factory with your vehicle you are fortunate. The problem is on the vehicles that have the aftermarket remote start systems installed because the installer/company of the remote start system will have to bypass your factory security system that comes standard with your vehicle in order for a non factory remote start to work correctly.  

Time tested has shown us that unless your vehicle actually comes from the factory with a remote starter, you will have problems with it. Most if not all are made overseas very cheaply and constantly have problems. Most installers ruin you vehicle's wiring while installing these systems. Many problems arise from these systems. Beware!!! 

We receive many requests on Ravelco installations in very cold below zero areas. After finding out that their remote start will not work with a Ravelco installed some people have chose not to install the Ravelco. They say that because of the extreme cold they had to have and use the remote start capabilities. Sadly, the same customer will contact us at a later date requesting the Ravelco to be installed on the their new vehicle. During the installation, we find out that their last truck that they did not want the Ravelco on was stolen.    

You need to make a choice - do you want to keep your vehicle from being stolen or do you want to be able start your vehicle from your house? Some people think this is cool having their vehicle start while it is sitting there by itself in the parking lot . . . but they won't think this way for long when they come out one day and their vehicle is gone because it was started remotely by a thief!  The choice is yours.


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