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Sorry, but at this time we do not have any dealers or certified RAVELCO installers in

OKLAHOMA. If you would like to have a RAVELCO installed in your vehicle you can

drive to Allen, Texas, and meet us at the Cabela's. Exit Stacy Road (off I-75). You

may shop at the Shopping Center's Stores or stay with us and watch. Installation

takes only 1.5 Hours. If you haven't done so already, the Ravelco installed prices

are listed on our website or you can click hereRavelco pricing

If you would like to set up an appointment, the easiest way is to send us an email with the following information:

1.) Name & Address (complete address)

2.) Type Vehicle (Year - Make - Model - Gas or Diesel - Engine Size)

3.) Contact Telephone Number (Home & Cell preferably)

4.) What date, day and time would you like it installed?
     (most installations are performed beginning at 9:00AM)

Please email this information to: williamj@ravelcodfw.com

We will then contact you, confirm or agree on another date and time for your installation and then send you a confirmation email with an attached receipt. 

*** ATTENTION NEW VEHICLE OWNERS *** - If possible, you should have us install the Ravelco in your vehicle FIRST before you install any other electronic accessory, computer chips, aftermarket lights, or window tint, etc. The reason for this is, when we are finished installing your Ravelco, your vehicle is EXACTLY the same way it was when you purchased it and the EXACT same way it was when it left the factory. Nothing will be changed and nothing will be moved whatsoever. Also, the Ravelco warning labels will be applied to the front driver's side and front passenger's side windows of your vehicle. The RAVELCO Window Stickers really do work, as a thief will not even waste their time if they see a RAVELCO warning sticker on your vehicle. If you decide to have your vehicle's windows tinted - Be sure to demand to the person who is applying your window tint to tint OVER the Ravelco Window Stickers. The reason for this is, if the sticker is applied after the tint is applied, the Ravelco warning window sticker will not be visible at night. Unfortunately, most other aftermarket companies and accessory shops do not do the same precision type work we do and sometimes they install items not caring or taking into consideration if the vehicle is ever going to be serviced or worked on in the future.

So, please if possible let us install your Ravelco first. 

Thank You

Ravelco of DFW



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6920 Oak Knoll Drive
Richmond, Texas
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