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  Answers to Frequently Asked Questions . . .

1.) Your Factory Warranty - No the Ravelco does NOT void your warranty. If a car dealer tells you this, they are breaking a Federal Law.

2.) The Ravelco comes standard with 2 plugs. You may purchase extra plugs for $50 each. Please let us know if you want extra plugs with your installation so we can bring them with us. (This will save you the freight charge down the line.) All you need is 2 plugs but most customers order an extra one.

3.) Please visit our installation page to see where the Ravelco will be mounted in your vehicle. The Ravelco is mounted in the most accessible and secure place on your vehicle. 

4.) All of our installers are employed by and work only for Ravelco. Each installer has many years experience installing Ravelcos. You will be happy!


All Cars & Trucks  (Gasoline or Diesel)


Big Rigs/Heavy Equipment/Tractors, Etc.


Extra Ravelco Plugs   (order)


Exotics, Special or Custom Installs


If you would like to schedule a Ravelco to be installed in your vehicle, the easiest way is to copy and paste the next 6 steps into the body of an email along with your answers (information) and send it to us at: install@ravelco.com


1.) Name & Address (your home address for your Ravelco receipt)

2.) Address for the installation - We come to your home or office.
nstallation takes only 1 to 1.5 Hours.

3.) What type of Vehicle?  (Year - Make - Model - Engine Size)

a.) Is this vehicle Gasoline or Diesel?

b.) Does this vehicle have an Automatic or Manual Transmission?

c.) Is this vehicle 2 or 4 Wheel Drive?

d.) Is this vehicle lifted or lowered?

4.) Your contact telephone number (Home/Work & Cell preferably) Please give us a contact number that you will ANSWER when we call you before our arrival.


PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ANSWER YOUR PHONE ON THE MORNING OF YOUR INSTALLATION - PLEASE, NO VOICE MAILS! If our installers cannot get in touch with you, they will not show up and you will have to reschedule. Please keep your phone with you.  

5.) Would you like any extra plugs?  (It comes standard with 2 plugs)

6.) What date, day and time would you like it installed?
     (most installations are performed beginning at 9:00AM)

Please email this information to:   install@ravelco.com

We will then send you a reply email, confirming the date and time or agree on another date and time for your installation. This email will accompany an attached sales invoice from us, that is to be paid when we are finished installing your Ravelco. 

Very Important - You must reply to the email that we will send you, ASAP stating that everything is correct on the invoice and that you acknowledge the appointment date and time. If we do not receive a confirmation email from you in a timely manner we cannot schedule your installation and you will have to reschedule. Thank God - we are very busy and we fill up our time slots very quickly.   

Attention customers with older or stolen/recovered vehicles – Please be sure your vehicle will start and is in a condition for us to install a Ravelco. We can only install and test a Ravelco on vehicle that will start and run. (Sometimes our installers arrive at a customer’s location only to find that the vehicle has parts missing from the dash or will not start because of something else.) We will not install a Ravelco on a vehicle that won’t run. If you are still working on your vehicle, please have it finished and running before you schedule us to come out.

Attention new vehicle owners - If possible, you should have us install the Ravelco in your vehicle FIRST before you install any other electronic accessory, computer chips, aftermarket lights, or window tint, etc. The reason for this is, when we are finished installing your Ravelco, your vehicle is EXACTLY the same way it was when you purchased it and the EXACT same way it was when it left the factory. Nothing will be changed and nothing will be moved whatsoever. Unfortunately, most other aftermarket companies and accessory shops do not do the same precision type work we do and sometimes they install items not caring or taking into consideration if the vehicle is ever going to be serviced or worked on in the future.

One last thing - The Ravelco warning labels will be applied to the front driver's side and front passenger's side windows of your vehicle. The RAVELCO Window Stickers really do work, as a thief will not even waste their time if they see a RAVELCO warning sticker on your vehicle. If you decide to have your vehicle's windows tinted - Be sure to demand to the person who is applying your window tint to tint OVER the Ravelco Window Stickers. The reason for this is, if the sticker is applied after the tint is applied, the Ravelco warning window sticker will not be visible at night.

So, if possible please let us install your Ravelco first. 

Thank You Very Much

Ravelco of Houston
281 341-6222

World Headquarters
6920 Oak Knoll Drive
Richmond, Texas
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